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I’ve always been deeply ambivalent about Spring. One the one hand, it’s a time of renewal, with blossoms and buzzing bugs, brilliant sun ripping through the rain and clouds, and weather that begins the season so unpredictable, occasionally fooling you … Continue reading

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The Age-Appropriate Wardrobe

I’m neither full-time nor completely sure I’ll ever be. I think I’d like to be, but I go stretches of days where I feel more genderqueer than anything. I’m also learning more and more to never say never. To that … Continue reading

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A "Good Session" and Electrolysis

I had my third gender counseling appointment yesterday. It had been three weeks since I was there last, and at the last appointment we had agreed that we’d stay focused more nuts and bolts of transition than dig around into … Continue reading

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Hello, World! Part three.

So I had this gender theory of self breakthrough. I convinced myself that the gender feelings I had were in reaction to things in my life that were extrinsically-driven vs. intrinsically-driven. That should have been my huge red flag, but … Continue reading

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Hello, World! Part two.

I left off about the point where I was seeing different gender counselors in an effort to try and figure myself out. My wife had been growing increasingly alarmed about me and while she didn’t realize it, she was becoming … Continue reading

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The Valley of Indeterminate Gender Identity

Lately, I’ve been struggling a bit with my identity. I think it has to do with the fact that though I have a direction set out, I have no clear destination in mind with my gender journey. I’m much more … Continue reading

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Getting Comfortable

Work has been very stressful lately for me as I had been working on a big project, which meant that the day-to-day stuff I also am supposed to be doing got shoved to the back burner for the past several … Continue reading

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Hello, World!

So, where to start? Let’s start at age five. The early 1970’s. I had a dream that I was wheeled into an operating theater on a gurney, and as I rolled up next to the operating table, I see a … Continue reading

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