A "Good Session" and Electrolysis

I had my third gender counseling appointment yesterday. It had been three weeks since I was there last, and at the last appointment we had agreed that we’d stay focused more nuts and bolts of transition than dig around into the gender stuff, which for me feels a lot like covered ground. She had also told me that the wait for HRT referral would be two months instead of three for me. (Does that mean I’m 33% more gender confused than the average bear? ;-))

Of course, my excited brain told me that clock started from when I rediscovered myself and began transition again – mid-January. This means I went into yesterday hopeful I’d get my referral letter, but I tempered that optimism since I didn’t ask her specifically when the clock started for her. Turns out that my first appointment with her was on February 24, so I guess I have another month to go for that letter. Oh well.

The good news is that now that I’m clear her role is gatekeeper, I went in prepared.

(Side note: I was referred to her by my previous gender counselor who is no longer in practice, which I had been seeing over a decade ago, and the current counselor is good friends with the current one. My previous counselor kept asking me if I wanted to start hormones. Why I have to jump through hoops here is totally beyond me.)

I wore a feminine sweater and had talking points about my gender dysphoria to bring up. This led to a session of me giving her more of my past history, especially around my past romantic relationships, and as we were wrapping up, she said, “That was a good session!”

I’m so glad to hear I can give my counselor a good session. She should be paying me. (Insert sarcastically amused emoticon here.)

Anyway, directly afterward I had my first electrolysis session in over a decade. It was in Shoreline, which is pretty handy for me and roughly near home. The 300 – 400 hour quote @ $60/hr ($50/hr if you buy time in 10 hour increments) for full beard removal was another reality check and has me thinking seriously of supplementing with laser.

My biggest concern with laser is the variable nature of its efficacy. I’ve heard anecdotal stories of people with the perfect target of light skin/dark hair having little removal. Spending the $1,300 – $1,600 on an experiment is more than out of my price range, so I guess I’ll just plug along for now.

Still, it was very mentally uplifting to begin again!


About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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2 Responses to A "Good Session" and Electrolysis

  1. Agent J says:

    Sympathies, dear. Mine made it clear that she was a gatekeeper in the first session when she directly told me that she made everyone wait the SOC “required” (it isn't) three months, period. I later learned she doesn't (self-medicating for HRT is the express-lane to the endo referral with her.)

    I've cut my therapy visits down to once or twice a year for similar reasons. I just wasn't getting anything from it.


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