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Oh, brother!

This weekend saw my brother pass through town – a relatively rare event. He’s almost always lived at a distance from me and financial and family obligations have prevented me from traveling to visit him much either. I had been … Continue reading

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Whither Self-Acceptance?

After years of denial, finally hitting the point of self-acceptance earlier this year that I’m transgender was a major milestone for me. It allowed me to set down the heavy burdens of repression and hiding a part of my self from those … Continue reading

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Mixed Messages

Being married and creeping into transition has its special challenges, and in my case it’s the mixed messages and emotions I keep getting from my spouse around things close to gender. In the past week, I’ve received anger when checking … Continue reading

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One More Step

I had another gender counseling session on Thursday. Counseling is a bit of a strong word though. As reported earlier, my sessions are very transactional in nature. I offer information about myself, and the gatekeeper opens the door just a … Continue reading

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The Guys

I spent this last weekend playing poker and drinking with “the guys”, a group of men I’ve known for several years at a beach cabin owned by one of them. Some are friends and some are acquaintances. An annual event, I … Continue reading

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