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HRT – Week One Check-in

Yesterday ended week one of HRT and my dose was stepped up to 1mg/day estradiol. I haven’t noticed any effects that I can attribute to it yet. I’ve been stepping up my exercise routine lately, so the twinges in my … Continue reading

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Taking My First Hormones

I started my hormone replacement therapy this past week. Three days in, and my breasts are now huge! Just kidding. 😉 Seriously, this is a big thing, and I’m still trying to sort out all the feelings I’m having. They … Continue reading

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Another Step – Starting Feminizing Hormones

I took another step today on my transition path, and it was a psychologically big one. I had a doctor’s appointment today for a physical, and after being poked, prodded, generally examined, and then deemed fit enough for feminizing hormones, … Continue reading

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Making It Your Transition

I was at group tonight, and during check-in a few people mentioned that they had recently started or will start hormones soon. If you’ve ever been to a gender group before, you can probably predict the reaction from the rest … Continue reading

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Feeling Hormonal

As I inch closer to the doctor’s appointment that will be my first step towards starting hormones, I’ve been doing a lot of introspection about why I want to take them. The primary reason is to see how I respond … Continue reading

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