Internet Minister and Mincer of Words

Tomorrow I get to officiate at my sister-in-law’s wedding. Originally, my job was to just stand up there while she and her husband-to-be read their vows to each other and read a bit of a preamble and postscript they they were supposed to write.

Well, things got busy for them and I volunteered to write the pre and post, and then hit world-crushing writer’s block.

The problem I kept hitting was that while I’ve known my sis-in-law for about 7.5 years, I’ve only known her beau for two months, and I’ve seen them together for all of maybe 16 hours in that time.

My first pass was a hugely lopsided affair, and quickly bit bucketed.

The second pass, generated late Wednesday night, was highly lyrical, historical and poetically alliterative. I was happy with it and sent it off. Yesterday morning the reviews came in and they weren’t good. While it was a decent bit of writing, it was way off the mark and what seemed clear to me when I wrote it apparently confused the hell out of them and made them laugh at the same time.

So it was back to the pixel board tonight, and the below is what I was able to crank out, 12 hours before the service. I think it’s serviceable, but a bit sappy in places (well, it is a wedding after all), and I’ll find out in the morning if I landed this in the zone.

How’d I do? 🙂


Good afternoon!

For those of you that I haven’t yet met, I’m J, A’s
brother-in-law, and today I have the honor of marrying and celebrating
the union of A and B.

While they’ve only been together a few months, it’s been time enough to
see how special their relationship is. You can see it in their ease of
communications with each other through words, touch, eyes and silence.

There’s a comfortable, alert repose in love they share, borne upon the
communal pillars of joy, humor, seriousness and romance.

Joy from finding their equal.

Laughter from the shared humor they find in life’s silly, situational

Seriousness from the honesty of opening their hearts to each other

And romance! Ah, romance; the tingling excitement and mystery imbibed
via Cupid’s arrow that struck deep a part of each their hearts they both
thought absent or dormant.

But love, love rides above all for them, and it also has the wondrous
property of joining together people that were previously separate.

So please join with me now as we witness their vows to each other.

[A vows]
[B vows]

I now pronounce you husband and wife! Let the celebration begin!


About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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2 Responses to Internet Minister and Mincer of Words

  1. Natasha says:

    Really beautiful! Makes me cry as I am looking forward to my civil partnership right now!!

    Hope they go down well tomorrow, I'm sure they will. Best wishes, Tash.


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