HRT – Week 14 Check-in

Last week’s dose: 3mg/day estradiol

Physical: Continued nipple sensitivity and I can feel definite breast buds, marking a clear entry to Tanner stage 2. I’ve had definite physical feelings in my chest  of things “growing” that have ranged from aches to tingles to fullness.

It might be the weather, (Seattle’s turned warm with a late summer – finally!) but I’ve felt hot at night even with the window open and it being cool at night.

Emotional: It’s been a roller coaster. I found myself weeping in the shower yesterday morning, brought on by the creeping realization that the only known way to resolve my non-pergender feelings is to follow the path I’m on even further. Monday, I had a great day out at the zoo with my wife and kids, and a friend of ours and her daughter and boyfriend’s son. I was happy I was spending time with my family and I was also able to be a little bit more me, wearing a woman’s v-neck tee-shirt that garnered a few stares here and there that I just shrugged off.

On the whole though, I’d say my average anxiety levels have dropped but that the peaks and valleys are more intense and short-lived, leaving me feeling more even-keeled all the way around. My wife has noticed a bit, but it hasn’t been hugely obvious to her, but the fact that she’s noticed I’ve changed at all is notable given my previous behavior patterns.


About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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  1. I'll be reading this!!!


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