Hair Removal Help

The question right up front: is there any place other than Electrology 3000 for marathon electrolysis sessions with multiple technicians?

I’ve been hunting high and low across the internet for electrologists in the United States that tag-team, working on you at the same time for marathon sessions and I’m shocked that I’ve only been able to find two!

  1. Electrology 3000 in Dallas, Texas
  2. Layla’s Electrolysis and Skin Care in Los Angeles, California

I’ve think I’ve had about 20 to 30 hours of electrolysis so far. I started electrolysis in the late 1990’s, stopped when I thought I could live a live as a pergender male, and then started up again earlier this year when I finally accepted that I’m non-pergender female. It felt good to be making progress on the beard again, but I ran into typical problems that made me take a break. It was busting our budget at $65 an hour, it was taking a big chunk of time away from work given the clinic’s location relative to where I worked and my wife complained about how much money it was costing and how much time I was spending there instead of with my family.

It’s been months since I’ve been, and since then, I’ve noticed that my dysphoria tends to increase as my beard grows out. I have sensitive skin and am completely unable to shave every day, otherwise it feels like my skin is being peeled off, I end up with serious razor burn and then I get massive acne breakouts.

I’ve had enough, and I need to get the beard off now, as soon as possible.

Electrology 3000 has been around a long time and used to be known as Electrology 2000. Many transwomen have used them over the years, and Suzanne Clayton wrote up a great journal of five of her experiences there. Most women seem pretty happy with them, but they are expensive at $105 an hour, but that does include topical anesthesia, and travel is extra if you aren’t close to Dallas.

Layla’s aslo appears to have been around a while, but their reviews seem to be pretty mixed and I haven’t been able to find any personal accounts about them other than what’s on Yelp.

Given Layla’s mixed reviews, Electrology 3000 seems like the way to go. I’m not opposed to flying to Texas, but it would be much easier and likely less expensive for me to travel somewhere on the west coast. San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles, with their large non-pergender communities seem like logical places to find such establishments, but they just don’t seem to exist!Alternatively, I’d be happy to find someone here in Seattle that does marathon sessions, but I haven’t found someone yet willing to tackle it.

Anyone? Beuller?


About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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3 Responses to Hair Removal Help

  1. Anonymous says:

    Try this one:

    My friend Allyson recommended them – I can't personally confirm how good or bad they are.

    ~~Autumn Sandeen~~


  2. I wish i had an answer. I'm doing laser and it seems to be working. I'm starting on chest next week.


  3. Jenn Ifer says:

    Thanks, Autumn, I'll give them a call!

    Kimberly, glad to hear laser is working for you! I've considered it many times, but I have more than a few blonde and (ahem) gray hairs, so I'm not convinced that the cost/benefit ratio is there for me. 😦 My research also seems to indicate that it either works really well, works so-so, or hardly at all, and the variables are genetic and operator skill. If I was younger and had more money, I'd definitely try it, but at my age and my current trajectory, I feel I need the permanent solution.


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