Shoe Shopping

I attempted to go shoe shopping yesterday at Nordstrom Rack. I didn’t find any shoes there and frankly, it was a bit demoralizing. I’m stuck with size 12-12 1/2 men’s feet, which works out to 14-14 1/2 women’s, though I can squeeze into 13s if it’s the right shoe.
What they did have in my size was a paltry selection of mostly tacky (to me) flats, f-me pumps, one pair of ill-fiting boots, three pair of so-so sandals and…that was about it. There was one pair of heeled sandals that I really liked, but we’re heading into the rainy season, I’d need serious pedicurial help before I could wear them and they would have put me over 6′ 3″.
I assuaged my shoe craving somewhat by ordering a pair of ankle boots from later in the evening and then smacked myself in the head later when I realized that suede plus rain isn’t such a good combo either. If they fit well when they arrive, I’ll keep them and wear them on dry, windy days, otherwise they’re heading right back.
Hunting around for larger sized women’s shoes, they seem to mostly fall into two camps: fetish pumps and fetish boots. Does you have any suggestions for where to find more, ahem, pedestrian shoes and boots for larger feet?

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A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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3 Responses to Shoe Shopping

  1. Debra says:

    And whatever is wrong with f-me pumps????

    LOL jk I hear you. You need to wear something else when it's not f-me pump time *giggle*.

    Try . They have free shipping both ways and lots of different sizes and styles.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Honestly, Jenn, the selection in women's 9-10 isn't much better. Seriously. I'm wearing the same flats I bought 5 years ago, and it's getting embarrassing.



  3. Jenn Ifer says:

    I did buy some from booties from this past week, but the style was a bit younger than my mature stature, so back they went. 😦

    @Debra – 🙂 I'll check them out. What I'm coming to find out is that most shoes in my size aren't cheap and I have to look at them as investments vs. something that I can buy on a whim for fun. Someday I'll be able to buy some fun ones!

    @E – I hope you can find some new ones! There are lots of options online, have you looked around much?


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