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One Year On, and Advice to a Younger Self

A little over a year ago, after more than a decade hiatus, I attended a group support meeting at Ingersoll Gender Center in Seattle and had the full realization that I was non-pergender, or trans. It shocked me to my … Continue reading

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The Basic Woman’s Wardrobe

Let’s face it, building a wardrobe is tough when you’re trans. Stuff often doesn’t fit right, things that do fit don’t fit over time as your body changes, and then there are the impulse buys that often are attempts at … Continue reading

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"Did your wife dress you today?"

I’m not out at work, but a coworker commented on my shirt and earrings today. Specifically, he noted that my earrings matched my shirt and then asked me if my wife dressed me this morning. I stifled the urge to … Continue reading

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The Quantum Theory of Transition

A couple of the reasons I stopped hormonesĀ almost a month ago was because I couldn’t bear the costs it was racking up in my personal life and I wasn’t convinced that I’m intrinsically female. But now that the estrogen has … Continue reading

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Puberty the third time is rough. Granted, I only made it about six months into my second, but I’m finding the re-entry back into testosterone much rockier than my foray into estrogen. I have a shorter temper. I feel angry … Continue reading

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