Laser Facial Hair Removal, Months 5 Through 8

I’m way overdue for an update on this.

I had purchased a package of six treatments, and I was seeing some great progress for sessions five and six. There was still major fallout of dark hairs happening after those treatments and I felt pretty good about paying the $125 for session seven.

My sessions were scheduled every four weeks, and for session seven, I wish I’d waited another week or so before going in, because I just didn’t have that much dark hair to have zapped away so I didn’t really feel like I got my money’s worth.

Live and learn.

The advice from the operator and personal experience now is that as you start to get near the end of your treatments, keep a close eye on the density of dark hairs. If it looks low, wait a week or two for more to come in.

Session eight was booked out five weeks, and I probably could have gone six, but I wanted hair gone, dammit!

My post-treatment experiences were all similar. Red for an hour or so afterwards, then about a week or so of fallout with the occasional dead hair causing an ingrown/infected pore here and there for a couple of weeks. I’m sure that most of those had a lot to do with my touching my increasingly smooth face too much!

I was about to go in for my ninth session a couple of weeks ago, but I cancelled my appointment because I didn’t have that much dark hair after five weeks, and I wanted to save my money.

After eight sessions, my dark hair is maybe 5-10% of all my facial hair, and is concentrated around my upper lip and jawline, with some sporadic outliers here and there.

All in all, this has been good money spent and I think I might go back in for one more session before I flip back over to electrolysis.

I still recommend laser hair removal for just about anyone to try before electrolysis. I laid out the financial math and reasoning in a post a while back.


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