The anger sprung from the verbal bullying of “Sissy!”, “Pussy!”, and “Wimp!” that she endured for years in elementary school and then erupted from the sharp, physical increase of it during middle school when blows rained down. After what felt like eternities of impotent rage, she finally happened upon a method and measure of revenge – she would kick in her tormentors’ lockers.

She used many methods to avoid detection by authorities and bullies and to maximize the inconvenience to those that hurled the hateful words and fists into her.

She practiced sprinting down the hall and kicking off of walls to become faster at the smash and run. She studied the frame of her own locker for weak points and then varied the location of indentations so as to make it appear there were multiple people crushing in lockers, each with their own signature technique.

Retributive acts would be delayed by days or weeks in order to decrease the likelihood of connecting her to a specific bullying event. She would kick in the same locker multiple days in a row, or, if the janitorial staff was quick to repair, twice in a day.

Observing the bullies squabbling amongst themselves, all of their lockers would be smashed in a joyous, gleeful spree, leaving them to accuse each other of the deed. This often distracted them for days, bringing brief respites to the unconnected community of the downtrodden and oppressed.

Surreptitiously observing her bullies dialing their lockers open and collecting a number here and a number there over a span of weeks, she’d finally unlock and leave them wide open for pillage and discovery by their owners. This would cause many false accusations and heated arguments between bully locker-mates. After the janitorial staff had changed the combination by request, it would get kicked in for good measure.


About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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