HRT Week 39 Review

[Looking for information about male to female hormone replacement therapy dosing and effects? Read my Brief Overview of Feminizing Hormones post.]

Week: 39

Dose: 6 mg/day estradiol

Weight: 182 lbs.

Physical: My lab results came back this past week, and while testosterone continues to decrease and estrogen continues to increase, both are not quite in the zone where I’d like them. Based on that, I’ve increased my estrogen dose to 6 mg/day.

On the direct physical front, I have continued breast tenderness in the nipple area. Something I’ve noticed but can’t remember if I’ve mentioned before is that I seem to sweat a lot more with moderate physical activity. I’m unclear I this is due to declining aerobic capacity or a direct result of estrogen.

Emotional: My wife summed it up well this morning: “You’re like a teenage girl going through puberty who doesn’t know what to do with everything going on.”

She was concerned about me upping my dose and the depression I’ve been having lately. She worries that it is contributing or the driving factor and urged me to talk to my doctor about it.


About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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