Hair Removal Update – November 2014

As always, if you or someone you know is thinking about beard or other hair removal, start NOW. I can’t repeat myself and the wisdom of others enough to point out that this takes a long time.

I’ve been slogging through electrolysis weekly to the tune of about about 3 – 4 1/2 hours a month and it’s been slow going. The chin and under chin area seems to be the bane of many trans women and I’m no exception. While my cheeks are clear except for the very occasional hair that sprouts, and my neck is mostly clear except for a couple of stubborn patches next to my larynx, the aforementioned areas just don’t seem to be going away!

Since my last update in July, I’ve gone through three technicians (they keep quitting) so it’s hard to say if some of it is the different techniques that each bring. Sessions are now mostly quick touch-ups on the neck and cheeks and then full-on assaults under and around the chin. As we’ve been slowly creeping up, I’ve been talking with my technician about the areas around my lips and using topical numbing cream, which I have a prescription for.

But as I’ve been thinking more and more about the work to come on my upper lip area, I’ve been freaking out a bit. Way back in the 1990’s when I had my first electrolysis, the technician did some on my upper lip. Without me having any painkillers. It hurt. A lot. It made me cry.

So as I’ve been thinking about how to minimize the amount of time on my upper lip, I noticed that I still had some darker hairs there and booked a laser session, which I had yesterday. I just had the goatee and chin/under chin area done, and it was satisfying to smell the burning hairs and see some of the darker ones already coming out. I really hope that those 15 minutes have saved me a few hours of time under the needle.

I had hoped to have my chest done as well, but the intake appointment took way too long and I had to catch a bus, so I’ll save that joy for another day.

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A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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