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How gender transition is like visiting Alaska

My thoughts have l turned to Alaska lately. I spent a summer on a fish processing boat in Prince William Sound. It was after my first year of college and was the first time I’d been away from home by … Continue reading

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HRT Week 68 Review

Transition experiences: The big news is that I came out to group of close friends on a small, private mailing list I’ve been on for many, many years. Everyone’s really been wonderful about it, and several have stopped by the blog … Continue reading

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HRT Week 67 Review

Transition experiences: Sunday was another fully me day, with long, dangly earrings, a spot of makeup, and a very femme top for a birthday celebration for my wife at my mom’s. No one said a word but it seems pretty clear … Continue reading

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Fetid weight Burdened toil Sloughs away Lifetime’s release Dripping sticky Filthy dirty Disgusting Revolting Hideous Ugly Now alone With your Bared teeth Ripping through Gentle caresses And angry Joy-smearing support I exist Unwanted, untouchable I am Shadow wraith Past reminder … Continue reading

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The Desert of In-between

I feel I am at the nadir of the Desert of In-between. This place is a desolate place, and I hope it is not a false bottom, with the next hill concealing another valley out of view. I remind myself … Continue reading

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HRT Week 66 Review

Transition experiences: It was my youngest’s birthday party this past weekend and we threw a pool party for him at a local swimming pool. One of the moms, when dropping off her daughter, asked me if I was the birthday … Continue reading

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Thank You for Reading My Blog!

The all-time page view odometer for my blog clicked over 10,000 page views some time in the last week or so, and I want to thank you all for stopping by and reading about my transition journey and I really appreciate … Continue reading

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