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The Three Zones of Trans Community Involvement v2

By request, I’ve updated this chart, which I created in response to an earlier chart, which I first created when I wasn’t very happy. Let me know what you think! (Click for larger version.)

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Paperwork pain

After months of back-and-forth with my future ex-wife and being stuck in the vortex of it not being a priority for her, we finally came to terms on how to divide our assets and signed the contract on that today. … Continue reading

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Was it love

Was it love when we met And our bodies trembled with desire? Was it love when we hiked in the woods And laughed and loved in a wet tent? Was it love when we massaged away the knots And reveled … Continue reading

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HRT Week 94 Review

Transition experiences:┬áPeople at work have been asking my friend who helped me get a job there if I’m trans. My friend knows and he smartly directed them to ask me. I had to present to the whole company on Friday, … Continue reading

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Wrong place

Saturday night I joined my future ex-sister-in-law (Fesil), future ex-wife (Few) and some friends of Fesil’s for the concluding birthday dinner celebrating Fesil’s 50th birthday. The plan after dinner was to go see a comedy show that was being emceed … Continue reading

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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015

our cries each a drop in the torrential transgender dirge our friends idols family heritage ripped thrown went away too many too soon they laughed all of them every single one had happy days their joy we hold their lives … Continue reading

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The Birthday Party

My future ex-sister-in-law threw herself a 50th birthday party this last Saturday night and I went as myself. It was a humdinger of a coming out for me, and I still have a smile on my face. The party was … Continue reading

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