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UNIX poem

Sifting through the Sea shells I find the message of the day Trapped in tar & etc. And delivered from the Ether: ‘Ping!’

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2015 in Review

If I’m still around in twenty years, I’m fairly certain that 2015 will stand out as a year remembered. Equal parts joys and sorrows, endings and beginnings, comings and goings, it’s been the metaphorical roller coaster that I’ve oft referred … Continue reading

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HRT Week 99 Review

Transition Experiences: Deadnamed and misgendered most of Christmas day by everyone. On the day, it mostly irritated me and I cut them some slack because I had only asked everyone to start to call me Heather a couple of days … Continue reading

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Hair Removal Update – December 2015

As always, if you or someone you know is thinking about beard or other hair removal, start NOW. I can’t repeat myself and the wisdom of others enough to point out that this takes a very long time. It’s been … Continue reading

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HRT Week 98 Review

Transition experiences: Our heroine had more than a few things popping on this front this past week! Top of the list for me was dinner out and going to Star Wars Saturday night with my kids while wearing a dress. The … Continue reading

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HRT Week 97 Review

Transition experiences: It was my weekend without the kids and I spent it as myself, but I was mostly a shut-in. Saturday morning I had 90 minutes of electrolysis and then I came home and vegged out for the rest of … Continue reading

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Some Help That Was

As I mentioned Wednesday in my HRT Week 96 Review my future-ex-father-in-law, Fefil, was in town to help out. Well, not even a full week went by before he packed up his car and began his journey home Thursday night. … Continue reading

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HRT Week 96 Review

Transition experiences: Not much to report here except that I spend the weekends as myself and ‘that guy’ at work. It’s getting tiring, and as I was telling a friend the other night, my morning getting dressed routine ranges from exasperation … Continue reading

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HRT Week 95 Review

Transition experiences: Spent the entire weekend as myself, which included a visit and running the Seattle Half Marathon with a friend and friends of his and his girlfriend. Everyone was really nice and respectful, though I could tell the friends of … Continue reading

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