HRT update – January 2016

Eep! It’s been a year since I’ve done a round-up and five months since my last check-in, so I figured it was time to do another. I was supposed to have my levels checked in September, but it put it off, then there was all sorts of shit going on in my personal life and at work, and I didn’t get in until early January.

Along the way, I noticed I was feeling ‘weird’ again on the 6mg/day dose, so I started to split it up into two 3mg doses morning and evening on week 97, and that helped even out the effects quite a bit. The good news is that my blood work came back and it’s back around where things should be:

HRT Levels Jan 2016

In fact, my doctor authorized me to up my dosage if I want, so I’ve moved to 7mg/day and I’m settling into 4mg in the morning and 3mg at night. I can feel the new dose and I imagine it’ll be another week or so before I’m used to it. The good news is that unlike when I moved to 6mg and felt weird and had the blood work to prove it, this feels much more manageable.

The oral estradiol 17β I take has a reported biological half-life of 36 hours +/- 13 hours, so I figure that if I start to feel any strange effects during the day I can shift the larger dose to the evening and sleep through most of it. I go back in a month to have my levels re-checked, but I feel good that based on how I feel now, it won’t be a problem like the last time I upped the dose.

Reference ranges*:

Serum estradiol Serum testosterone Free testosterone
M range 7.6 – 42.6 348.0 – 1197.0 6.8 – 21.5
F range 12.5 – 498.0 8 – 48 0.0 – 2.2
units pg/ml ng/dl pg/ml

* I am not a doctor and the reference ranges are taken from my lab results. You should talk with your doctor about what reference ranges should be appropriate for you, taking into account your medical history and your goals.


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A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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