HRT Week 109 Review

Gender Transition Wisdom

Transition Experiences: The huge news here is that I’ve set a work transition date of May 9, 2016!

Work and my professional network are the final places where I’m not out, and I’m really looking forward to this next milestone. Being myself on the weekends and out everywhere else has been great and good ‘practice’ being me, but it’s past time for the next step.

The male fails have been accumulating, with the last one Monday afternoon when I went to pick up one of my kids from an after-school activity. The male facade has been getting thinner and thinner and seemingly more ridiculous every day. Friends tell me that mutual acquaintances who don’t know me that well almost always refer to me as Heather, and my kids have had the past year-plus to think about my transitioning.

In fact, when I told them they pretty much just shrugged their shoulders and then scattered to go do their own thing. We still have our rough spots over it here and there, but they seem to be dealing with it well.

I’m hopeful it will be a fairly smooth change.

What I find interesting is that from where I’m at now, it looks to be just another step on the path and not a huge, massive leap from one spot to another that it appeared to be when I started this journey.

If there are two pieces of wisdom I’d share with someone reading this who is considering beginning their own journey, I’d tell you that transition is absolutely not a series of discrete steps to complete, but a continual process of evaluating and balancing between what you want and what is possible at any given moment in time, and that trying to force or rush things only forestalls the process, not shortens it.

I’d also tell you that everyone also transitions in their own time and not to worry about people ‘ahead’ of you who started at the same time. Transition is not a race or a competition, and don’t get sucked into feeling like you’ve been left behind.

Emotional: Feeling very calm, but also on edge. I’ve made some huge strides in keeping an even keel and being more productive at work and at the same time, it’s new, so it feels tenuous.

I’m also anxious to start the next phase of my life.


Physical: So much for losing weight!

Weight: 174 lbs.

Dose: 7 mg/day estradiol via tablets, split into AM/PM doses of 4mg/3mg.

[Looking for detailed information about male to female hormone replacement therapy dosing and effects? Read my Brief Overview of Feminizing Hormones post. You might also be interested in The Trans Woman’s Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Tracking Chart I created.]


About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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