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I have my own beauty

Some days I’m harder on myself than others. The really hard ones are when I’ve had to grow my whiskers out for electrolysis and I’m feeling fat. On those days, I feel like I’m the ugliest woman in the world … Continue reading

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Week 129 – Waiting, waiting, waiting

Being trans involves waiting around a whole bunch. We wait to do anything about it until we can’t bear it any more. We wait for approval to begin medical intervention. We wait to meet arbitrary elapsed time intervals before being … Continue reading

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Week 128 – I didn’t transition just to live in fear

On expectations from a weather forecast of mid-to-upper seventies and partly sunny, I wore a dress to work today. The weather didn’t cooperate. It was cool and even rained for a bit, and I was happy that I had decided … Continue reading

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Where have the words gone?

Writing, which has so often been a solace for me in trying times, has been so excruciating for me as late that I’ve almost all but abandoned it. I’m hoping it’s just a short slump instead of the years-long muteness … Continue reading

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Still Breathing – Transition Week 127

Still breathing.

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Transition Week 126 Review

  Saturday night I was pulled over on the way back from the hardware store. Having police strobing lights behind you is a stressful event to begin with, and it was doubly so for me because I still haven’t legally … Continue reading

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