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Week 133 – Mom, mom, mom!

Last September I vented that my kids were calling me dad all the time. What a difference a few months makes! Now I almost always hear, “Mom, mom, mom!” when they’re trying to get my attention whether we’re at home … Continue reading

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Week 132 – My day in court

“We have a couple of name changes before we get started with the other cases. They’re quick.” The judge looked down at her papers. “[Full Legal Deadname]?” She looked expectantly around the small courtroom filled with about twenty people. Talking … Continue reading

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Week 131 – ‘I just need to see your ID…’

Paperwork is my bane. I find it tedious and grim. As I yet again enter the same information on yet another form that has yet different boxes in yet different orders, it makes me painfully conscious that a noticeable sliver … Continue reading

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Week 130 – It’s a phase

It’s hardly been more than three months since I transitioned and I’m already feeling the pinch from the hard grind of daily reality. It’s the, “Your dad…” the neighbor kids say to my kids. It’s the, “Yes, sir…” I get … Continue reading

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