Week 133 – Mom, mom, mom!

Last September I vented that my kids were calling me dad all the time. What a difference a few months makes!

Now I almost always hear, “Mom, mom, mom!” when they’re trying to get my attention whether we’re at home or out and about. Even this is a shift from, “mum,” the name my eldest agreed to called me so we could disambiguate between me and their birth mother. They still call me mum when their birth mother is in the mix or it’s a quieter moment.

Harder to shake is them referring to me as him and his, which still seems to happen about 1/3 of the time. I gently and quietly correct them and we move on without pause.

Still, this is huge. I think some of it has to do with me living as myself all the time and dressing more unambiguously feminine. It’s also lessened my concerns of forced outings when we’re out in public.

Go kids!

©Heather Coldstream


About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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One Response to Week 133 – Mom, mom, mom!

  1. georgiakevin says:

    What a perfectly lovely post!


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