Week 136 – Snapshots of the Banality of Being Trans

Brushing my teeth. Shopping for groceries. Riding the bus. Sleeping. Seeing a movie with my kids. Putting on my makeup. Taking a shower. Driving my car. Locking the front door when I leave the house. Listening to music. Appreciating the clouds in the sky. Tying my shoes. Getting dressed. Hugging my kids. Cooking dinner. Sweeping the floor. Going for a hike. Sitting in work meetings. Calling a friend. Reading a book. Eating lunch. Cleaning the bathroom. Washing my hair. Making pancakes. Reading email. Getting my hair cut. Swimming. Throwing away old food from of the refrigerator. Playing the guitar. Selecting earrings to wear. Visting my mom. Going for a run. Primping in front of the mirror. Listening to my kids laugh. Blowing my nose. Drinking orange juice. Mowing the lawn. Taking the garbage out. Dropping the kids off at school. Having a beer. Smiling. Mopping the floor. Collecting glass from the beach. Watching a sunrise. Hearing the wind in the trees. Taking pictures. Helping my kids with their homework. Planning a vacation. Turning the lights off when I leave the room. Making my kids laugh. Doing laundry. Taking a bath. Wiping off countertops. Going for a drink with friends. Reading to my kids. Steeping tea. Laughing. Cleaning windows. Listening to rain. Barbecues. Changing the water in my fish tanks. Doing the dishes. Fixing a toy. Trying to decide if I want a milkshake or not. Changing passwords. Paying bills. Voting. Taking a sick kid’s temperature. Listening to a friend. Writing a report. Sharpening a pencil. Assembling new furniture. Writing a poem. Changing a lightbulb. Weeding the yard. Playing a video game. Disciplining my kids. Chopping vegetables. Going to the zoo. Playing with Legos. Camping. Tweeting. Replacing the batteries in the smoke alarms. Sending a birthday card. Lighting a candle. Watering the plants. Insulating the faucets for winter. Giving my kids their allowance. Folding laundry. Writing a blog post. Blowing my nose. Working on my treehouse. Buying myself flowers. Watching a sunset. Putting my sunglasses on. Resetting the hot water heater. Playing pinball. Going out for sushi. Texting a friend. Reading the news. Planning for retirement. Drying my hair. Picking the kids up from day care. Climbing the stairs. Pairing up clean socks. Taking the recycling out. Packing for vacation. Going to a baseball game. Kissing a boo-boo. Woodworking. Taking the kids to the park. Analyzing customer data. Daydreaming. Wiping out the microwave. Shopping for a new stove. Going to the dentist. Finding a lucky penny. Stargazing. Pretending to be a cactus. Making chicken curry. Changing the toilet paper roll. Filing paperwork. Going for a bike ride. Taking a spider outside. Planting a tree. Washing my hands. Counting out change. Hunting for the perfect avocado. Juggling. Changing the sheets on the bed. Playing with magnets. Running out of shampoo. Putting gas in the car. Cleaning the gutters. Cutting up an apple. Sitting through meetings. Playing chess. Looking for a pen. Vacuuming. Teaching my kids to cook. Wondering why so many cis people think trans people are exotic.


About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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5 Responses to Week 136 – Snapshots of the Banality of Being Trans

  1. croftale says:

    Yep, nothing changes except the veneer

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  2. Sounds very familiar..

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  3. Sounds entirely familiar.. 😉

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