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HRT update – November 2016

I’m getting closer to my 3-year hormoniversary and I’ve become a bit lackadaisical about getting my levels checked. With my insurance ending it seemed like this would be a good time to see where things were at. I upped my … Continue reading

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Week 146 – My Happy Childhood

[Content warning: physical and verbal abuse] Good It’s hard to remember the really good When good was the absence of bad And really bad taught you things you can’t forget – Heather Coldstream Earlier this year a friend pointed out … Continue reading

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Week 145 – Depression

Fuck you, depression. Fuck your torpor. Fuck your timelessness. Fuck your nothingness. Fuck your lack of prioritization. Fuck your inability to get shit done. Fuck your sadness. Fuck your emptiness. Fuck your appetite. Fuck your self-loathing. Fuck your sloth. Fuck … Continue reading

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Week 144 – Disaster Planning

Yesterday was a day to rest and reflect. I had hopes of doing things, but nothing happened and that’s okay. Today I’m in full-on disaster planning and management mode. Every hour today has been put towards getting the wheels turning … Continue reading

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We Will Endure

If I could be with you right now, I would cry with you for a while, and then I would take your hand, look you in the eyes and tell you what I feel in my heart before giving you … Continue reading

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Week 143 – Like Diamonds

It’s impossible to know what you can bear until you bear what you can until you break. The crushing weight of being trans broke me long ago and my broken bones compressed under the weight into diamond. This feature of … Continue reading

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