Week 148 – Papers, please

Post-2016 election, I’ve been working to get my government identification sorted out with name and gender marker changes, and this week I made two big steps forward by getting confirmation that my driver’s license and passport have been updated! The last piece I’m waiting on now is my amended birth certificate. 🙂

dol passport

If this is something you’re considering, the National Center for Transgender Equality has a great ID Documents Center that breaks down what you need to do on a state-by-state basis along with Federal IDs and records. Healthline has a good article laying out why getting your ID in order is a good idea before January 20, 2017 and if the paperwork is daunting, Trans Law Help can connect you with a lawyer for free. If you need help paying for a new passport, contact Carl Charles as his Trans Lives Passport Fund is collecting funds for people who can’t afford the application fees.

If you’re in the Seattle area, the Gender Justice League is also raising funds to help people for all sorts of documentation changes and had a clinic in late November to help with paperwork and is expected to have more in December.

(My “Papers, please” reference reaches back to 1941’s Casablanca, which used 1938’s Nazi Germany as inspiration for how documentation is used to segregate and control people. While getting my driver’s license and passport updated is really great, I’m not thrilled that my desire to do so is to ensure that my rights as a human being are as protected as possible and so I have the documents I’ll need to leave the country if that is the only way to secure my and my family’s safety because I’m trans.)


About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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  1. georgiakevin says:

    What an incredibly important post! Thank you for posting it.

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  2. bethanyk says:


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