Week 161 – Changing my HRT regimen

One of the things being trans has forced me to do is experiment with my body to become more comfortable with it. These experiments have ranged from the innocuous, like wearing different clothes and growing my hair out at different times in my life, to the more risky modification of my hormonal balance to drive physical changes. I’m about to try another experiment with injectable estrogen to see how I respond.

Risk is relative, and since there have been no longitudinal studies on the effects of estrogenic hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in trans women, we are forced to rely on studies with cis women and extrapolate. The known risks (I list some here), can of course be exacerbated based on genetics, lifestyle, and pre-existing conditions.

This is a great point to pause and point out that while there are some great HRT information resources on the Internet and a bazillion personal stories from credible trans women about how HRT affected them, you should talk to a doctor about your personal risk profile and how HRT dosages and formulations could impact it. Some of the risks are life-threatening and you don’t want to mess around with HRT without knowing your baseline hormone levels and having your blood work checked on a regular basis to ensure everything is staying in the safe zone.

I’m lucky. For the time being, I have health insurance to help cover the costs and a fantastic regular doctor who listens and works with me on this. I know that many don’t have the same options or availability of care that I do. For those that don’t, Planned Parenthood sounds like they are now supporting HRT and larger cities often have clinics with sliding scales. The U.S. sucks this way.

So far, I’ve had a total of three and a half years on sublingual oral estrogen (I let the tablets dissolve under my tongue), and for the past two years, my doctor has been nudging me towards injectable every now and then to reduce the processing load on my liver. So far, other than an unexplained spike in estrogen about eight months in and my free testosterone creeping back up, I’m lucky in that my body has responded well and I’m mostly satisfied with my physical development.

What I would like is to have boobs proportionally sized to my chest, a slightly bigger butt, and wider hips. While I’m at the outside of the typical range for full breast development (usually 2-3 years), there might still be some time for me to have more fat deposition (maybe another year and a half), in those other places. It’s also not impossible that I might get a minor chest bump. With those possibilities on top of my doctor’s nudges, I’m going to overcome my fear of needles and give injectable estrogen a shot and see how the experiment plays out.


About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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6 Responses to Week 161 – Changing my HRT regimen

  1. Connie Dee Ingalls says:

    ,” Iโ€™m going to overcome my fear of needles and give injectable estrogen a shot”
    No pun intended? ๐Ÿ™‚

    I cannot do HRT. I have had a couple of blood clots in one leg, for which the doctors have no real explanation. However, through all of the analyses of my blood, my hormone levels are similar to those of a post-menopausal woman (again, no real explanation for it). I don’t know that I’d want to go through puberty again, anyway, even if it were the one I should have had in the first place (if only I could un-do the one I had). The changes it would bring to my body shape are what I desire, of course, but I may have to opt for surgical modifications. The doctors are on the cautionary side though, because of the blood clot thing, so I won’t even be able to go the surgical route any time soon. Still, it is the emotional effect of HRT that is most intriguing to me – not because I think I need any emotional boost or change. It’s mostly because I hear stories of how HRT is like some magical potion that makes one right with herself. I already feel that way about myself, and, again, I am at the age of a post-menopausal woman with a normal hormonal balance. Que Sera Sera.

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    • cistotrans says:

      There was a pun there. ๐Ÿ™‚

      One of the things that continues to amaze me about trans people is our wide variety in body chemistry. If your levels are where they would be for a cis person, it’s possible you may already have the mental benefits but not realize it.


  2. bethanyk says:

    My friend used the cream instead of the injection. She just rubbed the estrogen cream on her abdomen and she did develop b cup size breasts. Hopefully this will give you just what you want.

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  3. Long ago gave up counting weeks, long ago even gave up counting years and have just had another growth spurt! Do not give up hope, the bumps may still grow some…

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  4. cistotrans says:

    TBH, I’m getting tired of counting the weeks, but it’s a thing on the blog so I think I’m stuck with it. :-p I keep hearing stories like yours – it does give me hope! Thanks for stopping by.


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