I Believe Dr. Ford

I believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

I watched much of today’s Supreme Court hearings and it was an emotional experience that also left me physically shook. Throughout my life I have heard stories from other women about their experiences and Dr. Ford’s testimony tolled truth so loud, my ears rang.

I have known assholes like the Supreme Court candidate before the committee and had the displeasure of living with a few through college. I watched their bullying male entitlement turn to raw anger and belligerent bellows as they swigged drink after drink until it streamed back out as vomit into the nearest container or floor for all to see, while their casual misogyny and abuse generated rivers of private tears for their victims.

Fuck that guy and vote out the guys that enable assholes like that.

Register to vote at https://vote.gov or check your voter registration and find your polling place at https://www.usa.gov/election-office.

Then vote for candidates that don’t support sleazeball sexual predators in November.



©Heather Coldstream

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