We Are Not Men

The patriarchal, misogynistic evil on display by the Republican party in rushing to confirm a credibly accused rapist to the Supreme Court is so foul, it will require decades of work to eradicate and root out of every dark nook and cranny of our government.

Women, we are up to the task.

We are not men who cry crocodile tears on television over how horribly their reputation has been besmirched while the physical wreckage of men’s dominion and degradation of women lie in graveyards. We are strong women of practicality.

We are not men who rail, rage, and sputter at how they’ve been treated unfairly while steadfast women tell their stories of pain and the wrongs wrought upon them by men in word and deed. We are unfaltering women seeking justice for all.

We are not men who lie casually and cynically at the expense of women to grab and hold the reins of power above others for themselves. We are clear-eyed women who know true power comes from many hands linked together to pull up those struggling below.

We are not men who willfully overlook opportunities to explore the truth because it would be inconvenient and seek to distract. We are women who approach the truth with equanimity and the willingness to follow it where it leads.

We are not men, and that is our strength.

'I am no man' .gif

©Heather Coldstream

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