Week 4-7 Post-GCS

So, where am I at after almost eight weeks post-GCS?

Sitting down still fucking hurts. Standing around for too long fucking hurts. Stubbing my toe when walking fucking hurts and sometimes just walking fucking hurts. Jogging or running is still out of the fucking question.

What’s driving all the non-sexual fucking?

My pelvic floor and glutes are still swollen, which means that when I sit it feels like a fucking water balloon is being shoved up into my vagina, putting strain on the internal sutures. When I stand around, it feels like I have a water balloon sagging out of my crotch, pulling on my internal sutures. When I stub my toe all that extra water jolts my internal sutures. When walking, all those engorged tissues squeeze my clitoral and urethral area, where there are more internal sutures to get tugged on.

The pain isn’t terrible and sometimes I don’t even notice it, until I do, and then I notice it’s been there for almost eight fucking weeks. Most of the time I ignore it. When I know I’m going to be out for a while, I take 400, 600, or 800mg of ibuprofen, depending on how long I’ll be out. A few nights here and there I’ve popped a Vicodin when it crosses the invisible threshold of, ‘I’m fucking sick of this and want to go to sleep without noticing the pain.’

On the upside, I am being more active, getting in a walk of two to four miles a day. I’m able to lift more weight without feeling like I’m going to pop a stitch. The long incision line is almost all closed up except for two tiny spots. Centimeter by centimeter, sensation is returning to my vulva. Dilation isn’t all painful.

Speaking of dilation, it’s now shifted into the tedious chore column. I’m anxious for when I can reduce daily dilations to two instead of the current three. I’m proud I’ve only dropped my dilator on the floor once so far.

I have an almost constant slow discharge from my vagina, which appears to be a mixture of yellowish fluid from the internal incisions tinged with the faintest trace of blood. Pads and liners seem to irritate my skin so I’m going through at least two pairs of cotton granny panties a day.

My surgeon’s office followed up with a call on week six and I called them back on week seven. The good news is that there really wasn’t much for me to report back and they cleared me to up my activity levels. Regarding my numbness, they said not to worry until it’s been a year. The swelling should mostly subside by month six and there isn’t anything that can be done to reduce it; I just have to wait it out. They’ll call back at twelve weeks.

My libido turned back up, nosing around the new equipment. It tried to pump more blood into an already swollen and constrained area and it hurt. Damn libido.

I saw my doctor again last Friday, and she said everything looks great and to come back in a month. Her front office told me they don’t take my insurance so that’ll have to get figured out before I go back.

So, everything’s normal, I have no major complications, and per my doctor, I’m healing faster than she usually sees.

Yay my vagina!

©Heather Coldstream

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1 Response to Week 4-7 Post-GCS

  1. Emma Gray says:

    I had GCS and BA on 1/31, so I’m just about four months post-op. All sutures and that sort of thing are healed but I have some nerves in my labia that aren’t happy. Slowly improving, and I’m told full recovery may take a year. I’ve no regrets. I suppose my issue (such as it is) is that as a layperson I didn’t know or appreciate how serious this surgery is and what this means for recovery.
    Best wishes to you on your recovery. Hang in there! Isn’t it nice to not have to even think of an unusual bulge in clothing?

    Liked by 1 person

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