Support Trans Youth – Help Jaiden Get Puberty Blockers

Can you help Jaiden get puberty blockers by donating to her GoFundMe?

Jaiden is the child of a family friend and she came out as trans a few months ago. Jaiden’s lucky, because her mom has embraced her new daughter and has been working to secure puberty blockers so Jaiden can decide when she’s older if she wants to start hormone therapy. We should all have been so lucky!

The hitch is that the family’s insurance has denied the initial claim and appeal for puberty blockers because their coverage does not provide for transgender care. If Jaiden’s mom can get coverage somehow, she has pledged to donate any remaining funds to another trans youth in need through Seattle Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic.

If you’ve read my blog and it’s helped you in any way, I’d be forever grateful if could kick in a few dollars to the fund and share the link ( around. I know money’s often tight for trans people, so if all you can do is share the link with your network, it would mean the world to me and Jaiden.

Thank you!



About cistotrans

A Seattle-area trans woman seeking a happy spot to stay at along the path of transition.
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