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Looking on the Bright Side

Being trans can be rough and even dangerous but it’s not always doom and gloom. I’ve whined about my life here quite a bit and even I get tired of hearing myself whine. So, here are some good things about … Continue reading

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You Should Still Transition

Last year I wrote a post called You Should Transition. I believe that even with all the negative shit happening for trans people right now, you should still transition. Why? Because you’re suffering from gender dysphoria and it won’t get … Continue reading

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In Case of an Emergency…

…here’s what I’d want. Everything should be in waterproof bags or containers. Clothing should be wool or synthetic. Check local laws and regulations for potential firearm and blade restrictions. Adjust quantities as necessary depending on the size of your party, … Continue reading

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Fading Away

21 October, 2018 Trump Administration Eyes Defining Transgender Out of Existence 4 November, 2020 I feel the pull of the ethereal plane. I’m already so transparent I’m forgetting to open doors and hunger is but another fading memory, just as … Continue reading

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Waiting Room

My navigation app guides me north from San Jose to Burlingame on the 101. My appointment is at 3 pm and even though traffic is light, I’m concerned I might be late because I dawdled at my hotel. I speed … Continue reading

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Shut up, anxiety

I am up before the sun, before even the furnace awakens from its slumber to heat the house and I have slept maybe four hours. My anxiety, which procrastinated away last night’s hours in a movie, laundry, dishes, updating my … Continue reading

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Adventures in Dating – User Experience

I’ve been thinking about dipping my toe back into the dating pool so I skimmed through a matchmaking site. The user interface is abysmal. I discover a profile that looks interesting. She says: ‘I have a way of immediately putting … Continue reading

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