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Week 157 – Three years of HRT

While three years of continuous HRT have just passed, setting a hormonaversary date isn’t so easy for me. My first hormone course was May 2011 through December 2011. It included two brief breaks; one was for a medical scare and … Continue reading

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Week 156 – January 2017

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Everything I’ve been trying to write as of late has been coming out too clever by half, so this is a back-to-basics update. January 24th my youngest kid came down with the flu, … Continue reading

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HRT update – November 2016

I’m getting closer to my 3-year hormoniversary and I’ve become a bit lackadaisical about getting my levels checked. With my insurance ending it seemed like this would be a good time to see where things were at. I upped my … Continue reading

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You should start transition.

If there is the slightest possibility you think you are a trans woman, you should start transition. There is no ‘trans enough’ standard you have to meet to transition. There is no ‘standard transition’ you need to follow. There is … Continue reading

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Week 130 – It’s a phase

It’s hardly been more than three months since I transitioned and I’m already feeling the pinch from the hard grind of daily reality. It’s the, “Your dad…” the neighbor kids say to my kids. It’s the, “Yes, sir…” I get … Continue reading

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Week 129 – Waiting, waiting, waiting

Being trans involves waiting around a whole bunch. We wait to do anything about it until we can’t bear it any more. We wait for approval to begin medical intervention. We wait to meet arbitrary elapsed time intervals before being … Continue reading

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Week 128 – I didn’t transition just to live in fear

On expectations from a weather forecast of mid-to-upper seventies and partly sunny, I wore a dress to work today. The weather didn’t cooperate. It was cool and even rained for a bit, and I was happy that I had decided … Continue reading

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