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Dear Dick,

Dear Dick, I’m sorry—I’m breaking up with you. The past few years have made it clear I just can’t be with you any more. It’s not fair to you for me to be thinking of Pussy when we’re together. I … Continue reading

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[CW: violence] Dear Motherfuckers Who Go Out of Their Way to Tell Trans People They Wish We Were Dead

[CW: violence] Dear motherfuckers who go out of their way to tell trans people they wish we were dead, Due to the recent overwhelming number of messages trans people have been receiving to tell us they wish we were dead, … Continue reading

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Similarities between used Porsches and trans women’s bodies

Cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars Needs tender, loving care to stay in top condition Are desired by men Sometimes end up wrapped around poles Simultaneously provokes anger and instills desire in some people Relatively rare due to … Continue reading

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Week 147 – Queer Girl, Part 1

Her nickname was Wolf, but her real name was Hailey. Hailey’s dad was a former California Highway Patrolman, which I discovered when I picked her up at her house and he opened the door to reveal his service commendations hung … Continue reading

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UNIX poem

Sifting through the Sea shells I find the message of the day Trapped in tar & etc. And delivered from the Ether: ‘Ping!’

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The Trans Woman’s Field Guide to Cisgender People, v2

INTRODUCTION Transition is a formative time in a trans woman’s life that often sets the tone for many years after coming out. After entering broader society as herself, cisgender people often display behaviors towards her she may never have encountered … Continue reading

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The Trans Woman’s Field Guide to Cisgender People

I had a graphic here of this but it had some typos, so I took it down and republished it as v2 as text that prints better.

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