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A letter to Heather Coldstream, age 14

Dear Heather, Yesterday you had a life-changing insight and I know it scared the shit out of you. You are not losing your mind. Yes, you are a transsexual. In 2017 we mostly call ourselves transgender or trans for short. … Continue reading

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Week 155 – WTF

I can’t even right now. I’m practicing my deep breathing.

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Week 150 – Recharging

I’m back to not knowing what the hell I’m doing and I wonder if this is my default state. Transition provided a goal to focus on with clear steps to follow to make it happen. Even with all the uncertainty … Continue reading

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11 questions for evaluating a gender counselor

If you’re in crisis because you think you’re trans, contact The Trever Project at 866-488-7386 (they also have text and online chat support,) or Trans Lifeline in the US at 877-565-8860 or in Canada at 877-330-6366. Besides being a sympathetic … Continue reading

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Week 145 – Depression

Fuck you, depression. Fuck your torpor. Fuck your timelessness. Fuck your nothingness. Fuck your lack of prioritization. Fuck your inability to get shit done. Fuck your sadness. Fuck your emptiness. Fuck your appetite. Fuck your self-loathing. Fuck your sloth. Fuck … Continue reading

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Week 139 – Deep Breaths

At least five times, breathe deeply in through the nose, letting the air fill your lungs from the bottom up, pause for a second once full, and then breathe out of your mouth. Do this deliberately, focusing all your attention … Continue reading

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Week 137 – All the Shit

The pee soaks into the carpet, and I cry. I cry tears of frustration because it was so preventable and unnecessary, and I feel like I have failed my child. I feel like this failure, tonight, is just the latest … Continue reading

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