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Natasha, Emailing me to ask for help two years after spitting, “Lose my number!” into the phone before hanging up on me is so much bullshit, I can smell you in Maine on the west wind here in Seattle. It’s … Continue reading

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Hidden Chains

Oh! the futures I abandoned by staying chained to the past with a manacle of fear wrapped ‘round my throat. Thoughts of flight would bring a lump to my throat, tightening the collar I willfully wore. The links holding me … Continue reading

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Noisy Silences

The noisy silences of my life are filled with the rhythmic ticking of clocks tocking away on their cogs and the burbling waters of aquarium filters dancing above motor hums, and the more erratic and punctuated clinks of silverware upon … Continue reading

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In Case of an Emergency…

…here’s what I’d want. Everything should be in waterproof bags or containers. Clothing should be wool or synthetic. Check local laws and regulations for potential firearm and blade restrictions. Adjust quantities as necessary depending on the size of your party, … Continue reading

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RIP Chris Cornell

The partially tied, empty boots are at the bottom of the glass case. Above them a headless dummy wears jeans below and layers up top; a white t-shirt, a hoodie, a jacket with ripped cuffs. A thick metal chain with … Continue reading

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Fall Wardrobe

The maple seeds are helicoptering down today. That means it’s time for the fall wardrobe. While spring is my favorite season, fall is my favorite wardrobe season with its heralds of oversize cozy sweaters, scarves, and boots. It’s easier to … Continue reading

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Quiet seas or smaller storms?

Being trans is boring. It’s 4:30 in the afternoon and raining here. I hear the tick of the clock on the wall, the trickle of water in the downspout outside the window, and the rain pattering on the roof. The … Continue reading

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