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Quiet seas or smaller storms?

Being trans is boring. It’s 4:30 in the afternoon and raining here. I hear the tick of the clock on the wall, the trickle of water in the downspout outside the window, and the rain pattering on the roof. The … Continue reading

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Lucky šŸ€ magic carpet! Investment opportunity! $30,000 USD, firm. Cash only. Serious inquires only.

(I AM NOT SELLINGĀ DONALD TRUMP’SĀ STOLENĀ HAIRPIECE. STOP EMAILING ME.) This carpet doesn’t fly but it is lucky and will bring you riches! This carpet was my grandparents’ and it was in their house for years before they gave it to my … Continue reading

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A Field Guide to Dudes and How to Defend Yourself When Physically Attacked by One

I used to know this dude that could turn on a dime into an aggressive macho dude. ‘C’mon, right here. Right now. Why wait?’ he’d say as he squared his shoulders and snapped his toes to the imaginary line he’d … Continue reading

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Week 136 – Snapshots of the Banality of Being Trans

Brushing my teeth. Shopping for groceries. Riding the bus. Sleeping. Seeing a movie with my kids. Putting on my makeup. Taking a shower. Driving my car. Locking the front door when I leave the house. Listening to music. Appreciating the … Continue reading

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I have my own beauty

Some days I’m harder on myself than others. The really hard ones are when I’ve had to grow my whiskers out for electrolysis and I’m feeling fat. On those days, I feel like I’m the ugliest woman in the world … Continue reading

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The Lonely Unicorn

(Time to mix things up with a little short story I wrote. What do you think?) One upon a time, there was a lonely unicorn named Erika that lived with a herd of horses near a snow-covered volcano by the … Continue reading

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Meditations on Transition

Transition is life. You can’t separate it from the other bits. When I first encountered the concept of transition in the mid-1990’s, it looked like a sharp demarcation between one life and the other. One day you were a guy, … Continue reading

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