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A letter to Heather Coldstream, age 14

Dear Heather, Yesterday you had a life-changing insight and I know it scared the shit out of you. You are not losing your mind. Yes, you are a transsexual. In 2017 we mostly call ourselves transgender or trans for short. … Continue reading

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A Field Guide to Dudes and How to Defend Yourself When Physically Attacked by One

I used to know this dude that could turn on a dime into an aggressive macho dude. ‘C’mon, right here. Right now. Why wait?’ he’d say as he squared his shoulders and snapped his toes to the imaginary line he’d … Continue reading

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The Trans Woman’s Field Guide to Cisgender People, v2

INTRODUCTION Transition is a formative time in a trans woman’s life that often sets the tone for many years after coming out. After entering broader society as herself, cisgender people often display behaviors towards her she may never have encountered … Continue reading

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The Trans Woman’s Field Guide to Cisgender People

I had a graphic here of this but it had some typos, so I took it down and republished it as v2 as text that prints better.

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Dear Cis People

Dear Cis People, While I recognize that my life experience is utterly alien to you, please provide me the courtesy of not treating me like some rare specimen to be stared at and remarked upon in slack-jawed amazement or violently attacked or … Continue reading

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To Be or Not to Be Out Online?

For a very long while now, I’ve maintained the pseudonymous me online that I use here and on Twitter. Lately, I’ve been giving much thought to how out I want this identity to be and if or when I merge it with … Continue reading

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