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Similarities between used Porsches and trans women’s bodies

Cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars Needs tender, loving care to stay in top condition Are desired by men Sometimes end up wrapped around poles Simultaneously provokes anger and instills desire in some people Relatively rare due to … Continue reading

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Guilt is fertilized in the past shames of another And given to us to harvest During their current discomforts

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Workaday, workaday You vex me so Reminding me on your dawns Of choices made So long ago That deliver me To confront the gulf Between yesterday And tomorrow Over a shirt

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Upon the cusp My toes do line Quivers tremble me Before I shine I shed the skin Tattooed by woe It falls away Unmasking an inner glow

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Hair Removal Update – November 2014

As always, if you or someone you know is thinking about beard or other hair removal, start NOW. I can’t repeat myself and the wisdom of others enough to point out that this takes a long time. I’ve been slogging … Continue reading

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