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Week 156 – January 2017

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Everything I’ve been trying to write as of late has been coming out too clever by half, so this is a back-to-basics update. January 24th my youngest kid came down with the flu, … Continue reading

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Week 143 – Like Diamonds

It’s impossible to know what you can bear until you bear what you can until you break. The crushing weight of being trans broke me long ago and my broken bones compressed under the weight into diamond. This feature of … Continue reading

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Week 142 – Public Speaking

Yesterday I stood up from my chair in front of a horseshoe-arrangement of tables in a senior center conference room with 15 strangers, said my name, and then gave a brief overview of my consulting practice before sitting back down … Continue reading

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Week 141 – On Loneliness

If my life up to this point was working to attain and learn how to use the emotional tools I needed to transition, the next portion of my life is to learn how to not let my sense of otherness … Continue reading

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Week 138 – Mom…

My mom and her live-in boyfriend are leaving for an extended trip next week so my kids and I went to spend some time with her. While I was there, she misgendered and deadnamed me, and wished me a happy … Continue reading

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Week 136 – Snapshots of the Banality of Being Trans

Brushing my teeth. Shopping for groceries. Riding the bus. Sleeping. Seeing a movie with my kids. Putting on my makeup. Taking a shower. Driving my car. Locking the front door when I leave the house. Listening to music. Appreciating the … Continue reading

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Week 135 – The Funeral

We buried the ashes of my aunt and uncle yesterday in a cemetery in the Napa Valley. She died a little over two weeks ago and he died twelve years ago. We had scattered some of his ashes in Puget … Continue reading

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