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On intimate loneliness

Intimate loneliness gnaws at my bones like a starving dog worrying for marrow. The frisson of desire and the pleasures of rubbing flesh are easy enough to sate–there are many people who find trans women desirable, but they are the … Continue reading

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Week 163 – Queer girl – part 2

(Continued from Queer Girl, Part 1) We cut through the bar to get to the restaurant. Holding the side door open for her, I could smell stale grease and smoke hanging in the air. The bar was roadhouse style. Dim … Continue reading

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Week 159 – Online dating

Rows of faces stare at me from the screen. Most are smiling, except for the odd thoughtful or just plain odd look. Here I am now, online dating, entertain me. There is the interminable profile to fill with select distillations … Continue reading

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Week 147 – Queer Girl, Part 1

Her nickname was Wolf, but her real name was Hailey. Hailey’s dad was a former California Highway Patrolman, which I discovered when I picked her up at her house and he opened the door to reveal his service commendations hung … Continue reading

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