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Week 170 – Are you the spouse?

“What is your name?” “Heather Coldstream, your honor.” The Commissioner looks confused. “Are you the spouse?” she asks. “Daughter. My name change order is attached as Exhibit A. It matches the name on the will.” “Ah.” She flips to take … Continue reading

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Week 166 – Misgendered to the end

The last person my mom ever misgendered me to was the hospital security guard who came to notarize a durable power of medical attorney listing me as the responsible party. As usual, her misgendering was unintentional. I didn’t correct her … Continue reading

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Cloudy memories Fall into seas My sun will set upon Then the sky will shine With far away jewels Gaudy in celebration

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The time will come to go With naught left to do But weigh all the past And hope there is enough To anchor those left behind

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Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015

our cries each a drop in the torrential transgender dirge our friends idols family heritage ripped thrown went away too many too soon they laughed all of them every single one had happy days their joy we hold their lives … Continue reading

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I see

When I look in the mirror, I see a feminine middle-aged man. I see a person struggling to find happiness in a life that many would find enviable. I see someone afraid of death in a youth-focused culture. I see … Continue reading

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Today is a Feelings day. Bad feelings: Tenth wedding anniversary Formal separation date Wife is singing lease for a new place Wrote a goodbye letter to a dying aunt My electrolysis tech has moved on and she was great Good … Continue reading

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