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Week 156 – January 2017

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Everything I’ve been trying to write as of late has been coming out too clever by half, so this is a back-to-basics update. January 24th my youngest kid came down with the flu, … Continue reading

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Where have the words gone?

Writing, which has so often been a solace for me in trying times, has been so excruciating for me as late that I’ve almost all but abandoned it. I’m hoping it’s just a short slump instead of the years-long muteness … Continue reading

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My divorce finalized

My divorce finalized last week. We negotiated terms directly and other than some early back and forth over asset division and some late nit picks around the parenting plan, it was pretty darn amicable. She signed on as a party … Continue reading

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What happened to Heather?

One of my more vexing habits to friends and family is my propensity for not communicating when I’m busy or overwhelmed and feeling down. “Why didn’t you call/text/email/tweet/post?” is a familiar refrain to my ears. When I’m super-busy, time disappears … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Few

Few took our kids to a Mariners game tonight along with her sister, Fesil, and friends to celebrate her birthday. I’m happy the kids are able to spend some time with their mother on her birthday. I’d asked her a … Continue reading

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All the shit

Yesterday was my youngest’s seventh birthday, and he had a great party at a local bowling alley that Few arranged. It was a fun day, except for a couple of things that rankled. Few’s half-brother, (Ferbil) also attended and gave … Continue reading

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The Front Door

If I was to film a movie about my childhood, the opening shots would be a study in slow, wide-angle panning shots set two feet high beginning at the exterior of the yellow front door and then a tour of … Continue reading

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