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The Transition Roller Coaster

My transition has been a roller coaster and I realized last night that the ride so far has been pretty darn close to the Gartner Hype Cycle, so I took a crack at visualizing it: Once I realized I was … Continue reading

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A letter to Heather Coldstream, age 14

Dear Heather, Yesterday you had a life-changing insight and I know it scared the shit out of you. You are not losing your mind. Yes, you are a transsexual. In 2017 we mostly call ourselves transgender or trans for short. … Continue reading

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Week 161 – Changing my HRT regimen

One of the things being trans has forced me to do is experiment with my body to become more comfortable with it. These experiments have ranged from the innocuous, like wearing different clothes and growing my hair out at different … Continue reading

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Week 157 – Three years of HRT

While three years of continuous HRT have just passed, setting a hormonaversary date isn’t so easy for me. My first hormone course was May 2011 through December 2011. It included two brief breaks; one was for a medical scare and … Continue reading

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HRT update – November 2016

I’m getting closer to my 3-year hormoniversary and I’ve become a bit lackadaisical about getting my levels checked. With my insurance ending it seemed like this would be a good time to see where things were at. I upped my … Continue reading

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Week 131 – ‘I just need to see your ID…’

Paperwork is my bane. I find it tedious and grim. As I yet again enter the same information on yet another form that has yet different boxes in yet different orders, it makes me painfully conscious that a noticeable sliver … Continue reading

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Week 130 – It’s a phase

It’s hardly been more than three months since I transitioned and I’m already feeling the pinch from the hard grind of daily reality. It’s the, “Your dad…” the neighbor kids say to my kids. It’s the, “Yes, sir…” I get … Continue reading

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