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Week 178 – Another emergency room visit

In my continuing life saga of ‘What will the universe throw at me next?’, my eldest kid fell out of a tree at a friend’s house onto their back the day after school let out for summer. (Happy spoiler: they … Continue reading

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Week 156 – January 2017

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Everything I’ve been trying to write as of late has been coming out too clever by half, so this is a back-to-basics update. January 24th my youngest kid came down with the flu, … Continue reading

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Week 153 – Five years later…

Five years ago, my ex-father-in-law sent me this letter: It pissed me off. I wrote a response, but never sent it. It was rambling and made me do a lot of work, so I sat on it. Flash forward to … Continue reading

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Week 137 – All the Shit

The pee soaks into the carpet, and I cry. I cry tears of frustration because it was so preventable and unnecessary, and I feel like I have failed my child. I feel like this failure, tonight, is just the latest … Continue reading

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Week 133 – Mom, mom, mom!

Last September I vented that my kids were calling me dad all the time. What a difference a few months makes! Now I almost always hear, “Mom, mom, mom!” when they’re trying to get my attention whether we’re at home … Continue reading

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Where have the words gone?

Writing, which has so often been a solace for me in trying times, has been so excruciating for me as late that I’ve almost all but abandoned it. I’m hoping it’s just a short slump instead of the years-long muteness … Continue reading

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What happened to Heather?

One of my more vexing habits to friends and family is my propensity for not communicating when I’m busy or overwhelmed and feeling down. “Why didn’t you call/text/email/tweet/post?” is a familiar refrain to my ears. When I’m super-busy, time disappears … Continue reading

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