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Week 165 – My one year transition anniversary

In some of my darkest pre-transition days, loneliness stalked me and often hurled barbs that burrowed and injected poison like bee stings when I tried to pull them out. It would whisper things like, ‘Nobody will want to be around … Continue reading

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Week 155 – WTF

I can’t even right now. I’m practicing my deep breathing.

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Week 153 – Five years later…

Five years ago, my ex-father-in-law sent me this letter: It pissed me off. I wrote a response, but never sent it. It was rambling and made me do a lot of work, so I sat on it. Flash forward to … Continue reading

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Week 150 – Recharging

I’m back to not knowing what the hell I’m doing and I wonder if this is my default state. Transition provided a goal to focus on with clear steps to follow to make it happen. Even with all the uncertainty … Continue reading

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Where have the words gone?

Writing, which has so often been a solace for me in trying times, has been so excruciating for me as late that I’ve almost all but abandoned it. I’m hoping it’s just a short slump instead of the years-long muteness … Continue reading

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What happened to Heather?

One of my more vexing habits to friends and family is my propensity for not communicating when I’m busy or overwhelmed and feeling down. “Why didn’t you call/text/email/tweet/post?” is a familiar refrain to my ears. When I’m super-busy, time disappears … Continue reading

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That twisting, pulsing Hexagon chains me To all life’s combinations Which when tumbled Unlock the bond I share with you

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