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Pussy Pondering Produces Penetrating Perception

She moves towards me, seeking my warmth and skin. My heat, a low simmer, moves closer to a full boil and it is almost too much. Almost. How has this beautiful woman come to be in my bed? It seems … Continue reading

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The Hungers of the Flesh

My flesh, greedy for touch, threatens to swallow itself in hunger. I imagine myself an ouroboros, ring-like and unbroken instead of the scattered drops of quicksilver I am, with only surface tension to hold my pieces together and being ever-fearful … Continue reading

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Week 163 – Queer girl – part 2

(Continued from Queer Girl, Part 1) We cut through the bar to get to the restaurant. Holding the side door open for her, I could smell stale grease and smoke hanging in the air. The bar was roadhouse style. Dim … Continue reading

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First Time

Deeply smitten With script unwritten On opening night Stage fright gripped me tight With fear outsized My naked body improvised Searching for my lines Grasping for the signs Encircling my hips And kissing me on the lips Put me at … Continue reading

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I see

When I look in the mirror, I see a feminine middle-aged man. I see a person struggling to find happiness in a life that many would find enviable. I see someone afraid of death in a youth-focused culture. I see … Continue reading

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