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8 Months Post-GCS

Content warning: graphic descriptions of vaginoplasty recovery, surgical care, biological processes, emotional distress, and sex. Eight months??? Has it already been eight months since I had surgery? For some reason I have it fixed in my brain I had surgery … Continue reading

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The Land Mine of Body Dysphoria

Body dysphoria, like gender dysphoria, is a weird thing. There are days, weeks, months even that pass by without me noticing it. I move through the world and just am. I might have passing thoughts of, ‘I should lose weight,’ … Continue reading

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Lucky šŸ€ magic carpet! Investment opportunity! $30,000 USD, firm. Cash only. Serious inquires only.

(I AM NOT SELLINGĀ DONALD TRUMP’SĀ STOLENĀ HAIRPIECE. STOP EMAILING ME.) This carpet doesn’t fly but it is lucky and will bring you riches! This carpet was my grandparents’ and it was in their house for years before they gave it to my … Continue reading

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Week 151 – Surgical thoughts

Right around the first time I almost transitioned in 1999, I knew most of my major and minor surgeries and surgeons inside out. There was SRS/GCS (sexual reassignment surgery/gender confirmation surgery), FFS (facial feminization surgery) including rhinoplasty and brow bossing/supraorbial … Continue reading

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