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Week 169 – Chop wood, carry water

‘Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.‘ – Zen proverb The companions of the depression afflicting me the past few months has been household clutter and cleaning tasks I’ve put off because I could. Paperwork … Continue reading

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Week 166 – Misgendered to the end

The last person my mom ever misgendered me to was the hospital security guard who came to notarize a durable power of medical attorney listing me as the responsible party. As usual, her misgendering was unintentional. I didn’t correct her … Continue reading

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Week 165 – My one year transition anniversary

In some of my darkest pre-transition days, loneliness stalked me and often hurled barbs that burrowed and injected poison like bee stings when I tried to pull them out. It would whisper things like, ‘Nobody will want to be around … Continue reading

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Week 162 – The wedding

Saturday I attended a wedding in Portland for a friend I’ve known for almost twenty-five years. He and his bride, his parents, his kids, and some people who I’d only known online for over a decade but met for the … Continue reading

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A letter to Heather Coldstream, age 14

Dear Heather, Yesterday you had a life-changing insight and I know it scared the shit out of you. You are not losing your mind. Yes, you are a transsexual. In 2017 we mostly call ourselves transgender or trans for short. … Continue reading

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Born again

My amended birth certificate arrived in the mail on Saturday, and it made me the happiest I’ve felt on this gender journey so far. It’s really something to see “Sex FEMALE” on the certificate, and I’ve been peeking at it … Continue reading

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Week 160 – A one-act scene at the urgent care clinic

EXT. OF URGENT CARE CLINIC ENTRANCE IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST Towering Douglas Firs footed with salal contrast with the landscaped and manicured surrounds of a new-ish medical facility. The parking lot is empty. A beat-up station wagon drives up and … Continue reading

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