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Week 152 – Lather, rinse, repeat

Nine months post full-time, my days have settled into familiar repetition. This period of time is savory to me after threading the variable treacle needle of transition so many of us pass through. There are the days I do not … Continue reading

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Week 151 – Surgical thoughts

Right around the first time I almost transitioned in 1999, I knew most of my major and minor surgeries and surgeons inside out. There was SRS/GCS (sexual reassignment surgery/gender confirmation surgery), FFS (facial feminization surgery) including rhinoplasty and brow bossing/supraorbial … Continue reading

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Loss and promise

Like the ocean, my experience of time comes in waves and tides. Some hours, days, weeks, even months have tumbled me in the break, leaving me in fear of being caught in its churning maelstrom as I struggle for gasps … Continue reading

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Week 143 – Like Diamonds

It’s impossible to know what you can bear until you bear what you can until you break. The crushing weight of being trans broke me long ago and my broken bones compressed under the weight into diamond. This feature of … Continue reading

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Week 132 – My day in court

“We have a couple of name changes before we get started with the other cases. They’re quick.” The judge looked down at her papers. “[Full Legal Deadname]?” She looked expectantly around the small courtroom filled with about twenty people. Talking … Continue reading

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Week 131 – ‘I just need to see your ID…’

Paperwork is my bane. I find it tedious and grim. As I yet again enter the same information on yet another form that has yet different boxes in yet different orders, it makes me painfully conscious that a noticeable sliver … Continue reading

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Week 130 – It’s a phase

It’s hardly been more than three months since I transitioned and I’m already feeling the pinch from the hard grind of daily reality. It’s the, “Your dad…” the neighbor kids say to my kids. It’s the, “Yes, sir…” I get … Continue reading

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