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We Are Not Men

The patriarchal, misogynistic evil on display by the Republican party in rushing to confirm a credibly accused rapist to the Supreme Court is so foul, it will require decades of work to eradicate and root out of every dark nook … Continue reading

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Week 152 – Lather, rinse, repeat

Nine months post full-time, my days have settled into familiar repetition. This period of time is savory to me after threading the variable treacle needle of transition so many of us pass through. There are the days I do not … Continue reading

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Women Born Trans Women

Extracted with hot needles and cold steel Midwifed by beta hexagonal carbon Delivered from plain sight hiding to invisible visibility Our depleted placentas drip blood for all to see As we fill our lungs and cry With the pain of … Continue reading

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Women, we are told, are the weaker sex. It’s a sexist male statement, obviously, because the measure of strength cuts across the two dimensions of physical power and emotional display, both of which men hold in high regard to keep … Continue reading

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